What is Logic Industries?

Broadly speaking, Logic Industries is a collection of metal working, product design, engineering, and manufacturing enterprises, all wrapped up under a single banner and under the same roof.

More specifically, we specialize in product development and manufacturing for very small niche markets, those normally too small to be served by a business directly. As the owner, I like to get to know the customers and their hobbies. It helps me design the best product I can for them, because I can anticipate their desires and incorporate them into the product before the public sees it for the first time. This allows beta or pre-production periods to be quite short and generally error free.

Currently we manufacture products in use in many varied fields, including firearms (both defensive and sporting), paintball markers, custom cars, hot rods, dirt oval racing cars, trailer anti-theft devices, and various industrial machinery.

Our in-house capabilites include:

Product Engineering & Design
CNC Machining
Manual Milling & Turning
Media Blasting & Etching
Tube Bending & Fabrication
CNC Plasma Cutting
Welding & Fabrication of both Steel & Aluminum
Sheetmetal Forming & Fabrication
Automotive Body Restoration & Modification
Hot Rod & Oval Racing Chassis Fabrication
Various Sawing Operations
And our capabilites are always expanding!

If you need help bringing a product from idea to metal, and then to market,
Logic Industries LLC should be on your short list of partners.

Even if your product seems out of step with our current fleet, give us a shout, we'd be glad to have a look at what you're up to, and see what we can do to make your project come to life.

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